Virtual Practice Management

Tailored especially for private practices, our virtual practice manager can help manage and coordinate billing, clinical services, medical records, finance, and more at a fraction of the cost of an onsite, full-time manager.

The Challenge

Often, physician practices face complex documentation, coding, billing and reimbursement issues. Their office managers must know how to efficiently manage and coordinate communications among the practice staff, outside vendors, third party payers, and patients.

Attracting, recruiting, and retaining skilled managers who can handle these challenges can be difficult due to your size, location, or budget. As a result, you may be struggling without a qualified manager, tolerating an ineffective one, or paying more than you can afford.

Our Services

Mindseeker focuses on the unique challenges facing physician practices and has developed a service that provides quality practice management and access to expert revenue cycle resources. Through remote and on-site communications—customized to the needs of your practice—Mindseeker maintains contact with practice staff, management, third party payers, and vendors.


Working with Mindseeker’s Virtual Practice Management team provides:?

An affordable alternative to a skilled practice manager
Continuity of management services
Ongoing monitoring of performance by an objective third party
Extra emphasis on achieving department cash goals
Identification of methods to improve reimbursements
Mentoring and education of key personnel
Benefits of outside consultants while maintaining operational control