Since 2000

We Are Mindseeker

For over 20 years, we’ve specialized in seeking the best and brightest minds. Our driving force is not only to deliver outstanding service to our clients but also to empower our employees in the process. Moreover, we differentiate ourselves by forming very genuine, trusted, and transparent partnerships with our clients while helping drive their mission. Our diverse team shares one thing in common—a sincere passion for enhancing the lives of those we serve.

Our Mission

Better Minds lead to Better Business

Above all, our mission is to deliver results and promote an exciting and challenging work environment for our employees to thrive.

Our History

We are Mindseeker, a professional services firm established during the dot com era to provide fast, flexible, and quality staffing services to many of the emerging hi-tech companies of that period. Along the way and after a few unforeseen calamities (throw in the collapse of the dot com and the financial crisis of 2008), we decided to diversify our business and expand services. Driven by fear and a desire to build a recession proof company that could endure another economic crisis, we launched a healthcare practice in 2012 and ultimately entered the government sector, winning our first Prime contract in 2017—all designed to provide stability for our business and employees. Add a global pandemic to the mix, and we are still here. We are Mindseeker. A professional services firm with an incredible story and an amazing team.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.

Working alongside people you mesh with can truly brighten the workday. Our Mindseeker team is comprised of engaging, passionate and driven people who share common goals along with our desire of making work better. We believe a great culture is critical to building a great company and we work hard at creating an environment where success is contagious. At Mindseeker, our employees make the dream work.

We truly believe our team consists of some of the best and brightest minds, and our purpose is to help develop those minds to become even better versions of themselves. In return, we see our people strive for excellence in all they do for our clients, candidates, teammates, and the community around them.

Our passionate team.

For over 20 years, what we believe sets us apart is our ever-growing foundation of passionate, driven people who embrace teamwork whole-heartedly and care about creating genuine relationships.

We value and serve our community.

Culture and respect are two of our core values. Our team members exemplify these values in all aspects of their lives, and we strive to foster the compassion already existing within them. Our community involvement is just one of the ways we encourage our people to pursue their passions outside the work environment.

We recognize that any action, large or small, can make a difference.

Through various initiatives, we strive to have a positive, lasting impact on the communities in which we live and work and on the health and sustainability of our environment. Some of the causes we have supported include: