Interim Management Services

When you need to fill key management positions within your revenue cycle team, Mindseeker can fill-in and ease the burden during your search.

The Challenge

Healthcare providers across the country continuously face obstacles in establishing and maintaining acceptable operating margins. Important operational tasks can become increasingly difficult in the absence of critical revenue cycle positions, which may take weeks or months to fill.

Our Services

Mindseeker provides interim management professionals to efficiently maintain and improve the performance of your revenue cycle department while you search for a permanent manager. Our experienced team works onsite to manage department personnel in a variety of areas, including:

    • Scheduling / Pre-Registration
    • Admissions / Registration

    • Insurance Verification

    • Charge Processing

    • Charge Description Master

    • Case Management

    • Health Information Management

    • Billing

    • Follow up / Collections

    • Payment Posting

    • Bad Debt / Agency Management

Our Approach

Mindseeker provides experienced consultants to partner with your HIM management and/or senior management personnel in reviewing operations, determining areas of concerns, establishing objectives, and assisting with change management. Mindseeker will:

    • Provide detailed results of HIM/CDI processes
    • Develop benchmarks for key performance indicators

    • Share management report on significant findings and opportunities

    • Review inpatient and outpatient coding quality.


Mindseeker will work with your senior management team to thoroughly understand all areas of concern, address any related questions, and establish objectives. Our onsite management personnel will move quickly to:

Establish baseline measurements of your financial and revenue cycle performance through the creation of applicable benchmarks
Develop and implement an interim management plan
Identify and validate essential report information
Create indices and benchmarks for all areas of operation
Validate and measure key financial indicators for optimal performance
Provide a customized plan to address adequacy of existing staff, prioritization of daily tasks, and implementation and monitoring of department goals