Clinical Documentation Integrity

Clinical Documentation Integrity

Clinical Documentation Integrity (CDI) is the part of the mid-revenue cycle with the highest opportunity for financial improvement. This department’s main goal is to assist the hospital in achieving the most optimal inpatient and outpatient reimbursement with thorough clinical documentation to promote coding accuracy.

The Challenge

CDI is the combination of comprehensive clinical documentation and accurate coding. This department interacts with providers, as well as others in the revenue cycle to attain the appropriate reimbursement by painting a complete picture of the patient’s care.

Our Services

Mindseeker can assess all aspects of your departmental operations to identify potential areas of workflow inefficiency. Mindseeker will review and/or establish key performance indicators to monitor departmental effectiveness. Our specialty is providing custom education to ensure optimal case mix index (CMI) and/or reduce discharged not final coded (DNFC) amount.

Our Approach

Mindseeker provides experienced consultants to partner with your clinical documentation integrity staff and/or senior management personnel in reviewing operations, determining areas of concern, establishing objectives, and assisting with change management. Mindseeker will:

    • Provide detailed assessment of CDI processes
    • Develop benchmarks for key performance indicators

    • Develop a strategic plan for adding/optimizing functionality

    • Provide customized education


By partnering with Mindseeker, you will receive a comprehensive work product by highly experienced, credentialed consultants regarding the efficacy of CDI processes, clinical documentation, and suggested changes. Examples of improvements include:

More accurate clinical picture
Increased reimbursement
Increased departmental efficiency through validation of staffing plan
Customized staff education