Travel Nurse Opportunity – Manchester, NH

by Ryan Clancy  |  August 19, 2022

New Hampshire is hot right now for travel contract LPN positions in a host of various locations. But for those unfamiliar with the Granite State, they might feel deterred from looking into coming here. What’s holding you back? Keep reading and you might find yourself planning your next contract in the White Mountain State.

Time of Year

There is no better time to be in New Hampshire than the end of August into early September. The switch from late summer into fall is one of the joys of living in New England. Warm days and cool nights along with crisp and refreshing autumn days.

Enjoy the local harvest from the small farms scattered around the state. Pick your own apples at the scenic orchards.

Having a travel nurse contract in the fall would allow you to see one of our most cherished sights – the fireworks of colors that start to come out from the end of September and throughout October. This even bring leaf peepers from all over to drive the country roads and scenic routes. Some of the best foliage in the world occurs right here in New Hampshire.

When your contract comes to an end you might even get a chance to experience the first snowfall that sometimes arrives in late fall.  If winter is your thing, we will get you that extension or find you another placement at one of the many facilities we work with and you can experience the New Hampshire winter. There are plenty of winter activities to do across the state from skiing and snowshoeing to dog sledding.

Variety in Activities

With the mention of foliage, we must talk about how beautiful the state is. From high mountain peaks, to rolling hills and even a sliver of the Atlantic, there is something for everyone here.

With some of the best and most scenic hiking in the world, roads known for their biking, trails that cater to mountain biking, cliffs to climb, waves to surf… I think you get the drift. For the active adventure seeker, you might find yourself thinking of living here.

You don’t have to be the outdoorsy type to enjoy the natural beauty and other amenities the state has to offer. Along with the rural and small cities, there are also plenty of urban centers like the capital, Concord, and queen city of Manchester, with a robust downtown that has something for any city lover to do. Many of our contracts are only a two-hour drive from Boston, even closer depending on where you end up.

Regardless of your food preferences, there is also a plethora of amazing places to eat. Some of the best restaurants are found around the state and within a short drive to surrounding areas like Portland, Maine and Boston.  

There’s something for everybody and your Instagram feed won’t be disappointed either.

You will also be wrapping up work in time for the holiday season to take a break and be with friends and family.


Because New Hampshire’s economy is largely based on tourism, hospitality, and seasonal work, short-term rentals are quite common. With summer seasonal workers packing up and winter not yet here, many of these rentals will be ripe for the picking and easy to find. We can assist in helping you find a place to stay.

So, what’s holding you back from trying out New Hampshire? If you have more questions or want to apply for these opportunities, please contact one of our recruiters or apply online at We look forward to getting you that next best contract.

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