Public Sector Case Study

Modernizing Content Management for a U.S. Government Agency

by Mindseeker  |  April 11, 2024

Overview of the Client

Our client, a United States government agency, provides financial assistance and technical expertise to partner countries to support projects that promote sustainable economic development, good governance, and poverty reduction. By investing in sectors such as infrastructure, agriculture, education, and healthcare, the agency aims to empower countries to achieve lasting prosperity and improve the quality of life for their citizens.

The Challenge

Migration to SharePoint Online

When Microsoft announced the end of support for earlier versions of SharePoint, the agency faced the daunting task of migrating all electronic content to SharePoint Online (SharePoint 365). The new environment posed challenges due to differences in information architecture, and the agency needed to navigate federal records management requirements while streamlining outdated content. Additionally, the project faced resistance from stakeholders wary of adopting new tools and practices, necessitating a robust change management approach.

The Solution

Coordinated Migration Effort

Led by the agency’s Records and Information Management team, supported by Mindseeker, the project embarked on a coordinated effort to migrate all active content to SharePoint 365. This involved collaboration with the OCIO team, content owners, and leadership, meticulous project planning, tailored training, extensive stakeholder engagement, and iterative problem-solving to ensure successful completion within the tight timeline.

The Result

Achieving Milestones and Digital Transformation

The project achieved significant milestones, including the successful migration of active content to SharePoint 365, resulting in a streamlined and more efficient content management system. By properly disposing of records and non-record material in accordance with disposition schedules, the agency reduced the size of stored information. Furthermore, new training programs and information management practices were implemented, fostering improved content governance and compliance. The successful sunset of the old platform marked a pivotal moment in the agency’s digital transformation journey, setting the stage for enhanced collaboration and information accessibility across the organization.

Case Study Summary

In response to Microsoft’s announcement of discontinuing support for earlier versions of SharePoint, the agency faced the challenge of migrating its electronic content to SharePoint Online (SharePoint 365). Despite encountering obstacles such as differences in information architecture and stakeholder resistance, the agency successfully completed the migration project with the support of its Records and Information Management team and Mindseeker.

The project resulted in a streamlined content management system, improved compliance with federal records management requirements, and enhanced information governance practices, marking a significant milestone in the agency’s digital transformation journey.

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