What makes you “you” makes all the difference.

At Mindseeker, we value diversity and inclusion, and we wholeheartedly reject systemic bias, racism, and unequal treatment of human beings based on personal characteristics or status protected by law.

Our Mindseeker Team is comprised of people who inspire us to come together, speak openly, and challenge ourselves to grow both as a company and as individual employees.

That’s why we are passionate about fostering a work environment where everyone can contribute and come to work feeling welcome and valued, every day. Undoubtedly, the diverse backgrounds, skills, and abilities our team brings drive our success and allow us to provide the best possible product not only to our clients but also to the communities that surround us.

Furthermore, we expect our people to abide both by local laws against discrimination and by Mindseeker’s ethical values that promote a supportive, positive, and fair workplace. No matter your career level, we urge our employees and leaders to speak up if they feel any disrespectful, inappropriate, or unethical behavior—whether subtle or overt—is taking place.

Finally, Mindseeker’s leaders are obligated to be a paradigm of Mindseeker’s ethical values, taking action when they see misconduct and ensuring their people feel comfortable raising any and all concerns, without fear of retaliation.