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Travel Nurses are skilled healthcare professionals who take assignments in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities that have short term staffing needs. At Mindseeker, we specialize in Healthcare Staffing and have helped facilities nationwide by placing nurses in as little as 24 hours.

We give our clients the ability to select from an existing database of certified, pre-screened RNs, LPNs, CNAs, and more. At Mindseeker, we focus on finding the right fit not only for the job, but for your organization. When our nurses arrive at your facility, they are fully prepared to be an accountable and contributing member of your healthcare team for the next 8, 13, or 16 weeks. Our mission is simple: give our clients the peace of mind to focus on their core objectives and ultimately achieve sustainable, effective, and valuable results.

Our Benefits

Why choose Mindseeker to fulfill your staffing needs?

Mindseeker’s Staffing Solutions offer the flexibility to augment your team with the talent you need, when you need it. Our quick and seamless candidate screening process is personalized to fit your brand, giving you total control to scale up or down based on the needs of your business.

With over two decades of experience

seeking and providing talented staff, we’re nothing short of experts at what we do. Let us help you by doing what we do best.

We get to know what you’re all about

and promote your brand every step of the way in our personalized candidate screening process.

Our candidates are pre-credentialed

and pre-screened. We take care of credentialing and vetting, from background checks to drug-screening, sparing you the administrative details so you can focus on your healthcare program and patients.

Flexibility and scalability are two

of the biggest benefits we can offer you. Understaffing, overstaffing, and the inability to meet surge support needs are a thing of the past.

We offer guidance and training for our

thoroughly vetted employees to ensure they are fully prepared and engaged on day one.

Our payroll is frequent and convenient

We pay our nurses weekly through direct deposit transactions. Our proprietary client and employee management program includes a customized suite of products that allow us to manage payroll, employee expenses, time and attendance, and scheduling.


How does Travel Nursing work?

Travel nurses are a great option for facilities that need to reconcile staff shortages and are often utilized in short-term engagements (8, 13 or 16 weeks). Whether the need arises due to a lack of qualified nurses in the area, seasonal fluctuations in population, or unexpected or expected leaves of absence, these facilities work with agencies like Mindseeker to find skilled nurses to fill these vacancies.

Our travel nurses are employed by Mindseeker, so we help coordinate between the nurse and the facility, from initial connection to end of contract. And we provide ongoing support for compliance, benefits, and payroll.

What destinations does Mindseeker serve?

At Mindseeker, we serve facilities throughout the continental U.S. and Hawaii, and our network is constantly growing.

How is staffing with Mindseeker cost effective for me?

At Mindseeker, we use a comprehensive approach to our staffing practices, saving you valuable time and money. We cover all the administrative bases from searching, credentialing, screening, and onboarding of nurses. And we already have a running database of nurses who are ready to hit the ground running on a moment’s notice. Employing travel nurses is a popular choice for many facilities for a reason – they can be planned for and budgets set months in advance, often eliminating overtime expenses for existing staff.

How long would it take Mindseeker to fulfill my specific staffing request?

Mindseeker has successfully placed nurses within 24 hours of initial inquiry by a client. Travel nurse engagements can be planned for months in advance, but rest assured that Mindseeker can also help fill urgent vacancies with an aggressive turnaround time.

Have more questions? Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll be more than happy to give you the information you need.

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As a new travel nurse, I really enjoyed traveling with Mindseeker and having Dawn as a recruiter. From the beginning of the recruitment process to the end of my contract, I was treated with respect and met with extreme kindness. I enjoyed the thorough and continuous communication as well as checking up on me periodically. I even received a gift basket from them. I encourage anyone and everyone to travel with Mindseeker!

– Amanda, RN

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