MoRE: Modular Recruiting Engine

Mindseeker’s Modular Recruiting Engine differs from traditional, cookie-cutter recruiting solutions by letting you choose the exact features needed to help navigate the challenges of the modern job market. Whether you need assistance with sourcing and pipelining, or a turnkey recruiting department with your company branding, MoRE is endlessly customizable and scalable. No matter how big or small your needs are, all MoRE packages have a dedicated Recruiting Manager and access to the same recruiting systems that power the Fortune 500, all for a fraction of the price.

MoRE vs. Traditional Staffing

Recruiting costs have skyrocketed over the years, and the Great Resignation has businesses of all sizes dealing with record turnover rates. Traditional Staffing models are great for small or short-term needs but can quickly get expensive. With MoRE, high placement fees and contracting markups are a thing of the past! Leverage multiple hires and stay ahead of anticipated employee turnover for one low monthly price.

Outsourced, but Insourced

Your team:

Your hiring managers and decision makers will be able to interact directly with a dedicated Recruiting Manager to refine your talent acquisition strategy and expectations. As with any recruiting department, communication is key, and Mindseeker will be there every step of the process.

Your candidates:

In addition to your hires, the candidates that your MoRE Team members interact with become your candidates. Build a pipeline of valuable talent that will be there for you long after your engagement with Mindseeker has ended.

Your process:

More data. Less bottlenecks. All recruiting operations are different, and MoRE can adapt to your processes or help you develop new ones. MoRE’s analytics tools will help your refine your recruiting processes and streamline your hiring processes to ensure you always stay one step ahead of the competition.

Your department:

Commitment is good. Independence is better! MoRE can help you transition into your own in-house department over time by hiring and training your in-house recruiters and setting up your recruiting system.

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