Staffing Solutions

Designed to find the best person for the job every time.

Direct hire, contract, and contract-to-hire

We provide flexible staffing solutions to augment your team with the talent you need when you need it. Whether direct-hire, temporary or long-term, remote or onsite, our candidates are ready to hit the ground running, giving you the control and flexibility to scale up or down based on the needs of your business.

By handling the entire screening process from initial interviews to onboarding the resources, we help you find the newest addition to your team quickly and seamlessly, promoting your brand every step of the way. Upon request, our screening process may include skills assessments, background investigations, and drug testing. From entry-level to C-suite, we have perfected a method for what may feel like the impossible task of finding your dream candidate.

Our Benefits

Why choose Mindseeker as your staffing partner?

Mindseeker’s Staffing Solutions offer clients the flexibility to augment their team with the talent they need, when they need it. Our quick and seamless candidate screening process is personalized to fit your brand, giving you total control to scale up or down based on the needs of your business.

With over two decades of experience

seeking and providing talented staff, we’re nothing short of experts at what we do. Let us help you by doing what we do best.

We get to know what you’re all about

and promote your brand every step of the way in our personalized candidate screening process.

We minimize turnover by proactively

preventing it. Our established employee retention plan consists of a competitive benefits package that emphasizes health, wellness, and the importance of keeping a work/life balance.

Flexibility and scalability are two

of the biggest benefits we can offer you. Understaffing, overstaffing, and the inability to meet surge support needs are a thing of the past.

We offer guidance and training for our

thoroughly vetted employees to ensure they are fully prepared and engaged on day one.

We follow all security standards and

diligently hold our employees accountable to the unique regulations of their client, states, and other enforcing bodies. Our teams are also required to complete yearly cybersecurity training to better protect both our clients’ and our information.

Our Services


  • Project/Program Management
  • Software Engineering
  • Application Development
  • Business Systems Analysis
  • Cybersecurity
  • and more …

Accounting & Finance

  • Accounting Clerk
  • Accounts Payable
  • Bookkeeper
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • and more …


  • Health Information Management
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Clinical Staffing
  • Interim Management

Travel Nurses

  • LPNs, RNs, CNAs, and LVNs
  • Pre-credentialing and pre-qualifying
  • Urgent and short-term needs
  • Nationwide network



Staffing is one of the most important functions of any organization. Staffing not only ensures vacancies are filled, but that they are filled with the right people. If there are not competent staff, other important management tasks such as planning, organizing, directing, and controlling will suffer. Additionally, an efficient staffing program accounts not only for the acquisition of talent, but also the incentivizing, evaluating, and rewarding of that talent.


There are a number of ways an organization can determine its staffing needs. Observing the ebb and flow of certain departments’ workday, paying attention to customer experience, and even watching industry standards are great ways to start. For the most part, you’ll be able to notice clear trends that will help you determine where an extra hand is needed and make projections for future needs.ntinental U.S. and Hawaii, and our network is constantly growing.


Staffing processes differ from company to company, but at Mindseeker, we first like to form a relationship with our client wherein we learn about their unique brand and assess their needs. Once we know what we’re looking for, we begin recruiting. This step includes sourcing, interviewing, and evaluating potential candidates. Then come submitting, selecting, and placement. Once the candidate is placed, we provide orientation and training and deliver ongoing support for compliance, benefits, and payroll.

Have more questions? Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll be more than happy to give you the information you need.

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