Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Drive efficiency and operational integrity with Mindseeker.

Mindseeker’s Business Consulting service focuses on delivering comprehensive and customized mission solutions to government customers throughout the continental United States (CONUS) and internationally (OCONUS). We pride ourselves on our ability to source professionals with career highlights to include not only successfully leading people, but also driving change with proven results for our clients. Our dedicated team of professionals works intimately with our clients while remaining committed to the evolving needs of their critical missions.

Administrative Support Services
Mindseeker offers a comprehensive set of Administrative Services also known as non-personal services. Our experience in providing Administrative Support is tailored in accordance with or client’s organizational needs, objectives, mission and requirements. General services that fall under our administrative program include (but are not limited to) Project Management, clerical and administrative, logistics and other fields of technical, professional and support occupations.

    • Administrative and Executive Assistance
    • Distribution and Management of Reports
    • Preparation of Official Documentation and Correspondence
    • Office Management
Program Management

Mindseeker provides experienced Program Management professionals who manage all aspects of the program’s activities and adequately handle project constraints, including cost, schedule, risk management, resources, trouble reporting, and quality management. Our Program Managers focus on industry best practices and enhance enterprise communications management capabilities and reduce workload capacity while ensuring required deliverables are met in conjunction with the development of detailed technical documentation and procedures.

    • Process Management
    • Project Initiation and Planning
    • Documentation Development
    • Task Management
    • Project Control
    • Risk Management
    • Governance
Tiered Helpdesk Support

Mindseeker currently has an active Contact Center Support contract with personnel who serve as the central point for user contact and inquiries, problem reports, and service requests. Quality of service delivery with analytical capabilities such as examining recurring issues, root causes, mean-time-to-close, and first-time resolution performance is critical when providing support services to our contact center clients. Contact and communication on such service contracts are achieved through telephone, web access, and e-mail. Our team’s experience also includes remedying problem reports and triaging inbound customer requests to provided tiered helpdesk support. Our Helpdesk teams serve as a front-line resource for our clients’ user communities who utilize their applications and infrastructure. Additional capabilities related to similar scopes of work include:

    • Development and Management of Operational Level Agreements and Service Level Agreements
    • Creation and/or Maintenance of Database and Management Reports
    • Creation and/or Maintenance of Incident & Problem Management System
    • Coordination and Mitigation for Security Incidents upon Identification of Potential Breaches
    • Facilitation of Pertinent Information to the User Community
    • Production and/or Query Capability to Produce Routine and ad hoc Reports

Other Professional Services:

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