We are a strategic partner to academic medical centers, hospitals, health systems, and physician groups across multiple specialties.

Flexible services and solutions to make your vision a reality.

Without question, we are all stakeholders when it comes to healthcare services and solutions — from individuals, health plans, employers, and providers to government agencies, pharmacies, and life science organizations. We all strive for better whole-health outcomes together. Mindseeker views the healthcare system in real time through integrated digital tools and shared data where staffing demands and technical requirements meet operating challenges and solutions. We provide a diverse capability of healthcare staffing, healthcare IT support, healthcare coding and records management, compliance auditing, and clinical staffing support through the deployment of ideas, processes, and subject-matter expertise across academia, government, and private sector care environments.

Core Services

Medical Coding

Compliance Auditing

CDI Services

Healthcare Staffing

What can Mindseeker do for your healthcare program?

Mindseeker’s Healthcare Solutions can help you strengthen and sustain healthy margins, boost revenue, reduce cost to collect, and ignite positive transformation.


We get to know your program and tailor our Healthcare Solutions to meet your unique needs, optimize revenue systems, and exceed quality standards.


We take a comprehensive approach to servicing our clients, allowing them to focus on quality patient care while we assess and implement plans to fulfill their operational needs.


We offer guidance and training for our thoroughly vetted coders and auditors to help improve any weaknesses they may have and provide education on new coding guidelines as they develop.


We embrace transformation and evolve alongside increasingly complex regulations and industry trends. We are determined to keep your healthcare program one step ahead of inevitable change with scalable, responsive, and reliable resources.


We minimize turnover by proactively preventing it. Our established employee retention plan consists of a competitive benefits package that emphasizes health, wellness, and the importance of keeping a work/life balance.


We follow all security standards and diligently hold our employees accountable to the unique regulations of their client, states, and other enforcing bodies. Our teams are also required to complete yearly cybersecurity training to better protect both our clients’ and our information.

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